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Top 10 unavoidable food Items for burning belly fat


Belly fat is considered as one of the most dangerous kind of body fat which has high amount of risk to for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Exercise definitely is one method which helps to improve mood, heart health, grow new brain cells, lowers risk of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases and of course to get a body of your dreams. But when it comes to weight loss, one cannot rely solely on exercise to lose the stubborn fat accumulated over many years of inactive lifestyle and improper food consumption.


For reducing belly fat there are only two major rules which one needs to follow, number one is reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar that results in high insulin production in blood. Insulin is a dangerous hormone which when present in blood in an increased amount leads to a condition of collecting fat to the body and this fat with further increase in the insulin hormone reach a level where it cannot burned easily without surgical methods.

Insulin is formed as a result of high sugar level in blood, we are not talking about the two teaspoons of sugar you add in coffee or tea everyday but like the processed sugar present in carbonated sodas, cookies and crackers. That is the first step, control the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in your diet then substitute it for much healthy diet including good carbohydrates, natural sugar, fibres and protein along with proper hydration.

The second major rule is to manage stress, this is one which needs to formulated yourself first identify the areas that you are experiencing major amount of stress from and tackle that situation to overcome stress. Apart from weight gaining, stress is also a barrier for proper weight loss and it is one condition which results in premature ageing, developing cardiovascular diseases and also it contributes all major disease formations.

Exercising properly along with these two major rules in mind can help you overcome all the weight problems that you are facing and help you to control them. These rules can effectively result in a positive way of viewing life also a body which you have always wanted. Knowing that your body look good and you are healthy can definitely knock out major physical and mental issues one is facing. Let us now see the best foods that effectively help in reducing the stubborn belly fat.


‘You are what you eat’, this is the sole rule of having a healthy body and to burn the stubborn belly fat that covers the super awesome abs underneath. Get these foods in your diet and exercise properly for having an amazing transformation from fat to abs, always remember any weight loss method involves 80% proper diet and 20% proper exercise. This shows how important it is to have a healthy eating habit, and that the hard work that you put into working out will go unnoticed if you do not eat proper healthy food. Here are the top 10 food that you need to include in your diet for the abs that you have always dreamed of.

  1. NUTS

Nuts are rich in fibre and they help in keeping your stomach feel full, include almonds, peanuts and cashew nuts or any other nuts which are locally available to keep away hunger for a long time. Eating 24 almonds per day is one way to tackle the urge to have snacks between main meals and helps in keeping the stomach busy in digesting the high fiber content of nuts thus by eliminating hunger. Nuts can be consumed without any preparation and that is why it makes to the top 10 foods that reduce belly fat because to lose fat one needs to first stop gaining it.


Two teaspoons of high quality protein powder in a smoothie or just milk is another way to keep the stomach busy. The high amount of amino acids will use up the fat to build muscles and thus is one of top 10 effective fat reducing foods. Always keep in mind to add just the amount of protein powder needed for your body according to the height, weight and genetics of your body.


Mono unsaturated fats present in olive oil is a healthy oil to tackle the hunger and cravings to snack in between meals. Include olive oil in your meals since it can also keep the cholesterol under control, olive oil is also effective to lower the risk of atherosclerosis which is the lining up of fat in arteries resulting in blocks in the blood flow from heart and thus leading one to major heart problems.


Berries are the kind of foods which consumes more amounts of calories to digest than they contain. This is why berries are important belly fat burning foods, a cup of raspberries contains about six grams of fibre which is more than enough to keep your belly full and to avoid consuming snacks in between major meals. Have berries that are locally available in your surroundings, like gooseberries, strawberries, cherries or any other make sure the ones that you consume are fresh and high in fibre.

  1. EGGS

Contradicting the general conception that eggs are fat inducing, whole eggs can actually help in providing high energy in fewer amounts of calories. Include at least one egg in your breakfast for the perfect amount of protein that shall keep you full and give your body the amount protein it needs in a day. Eggs are high in vitamin b12 which metabolize fat and thus they end up burning more fat than the amount of calories that is present in them.


Meats like turkey, unprocessed red meat are perfect for high protein and they promote in burning the belly fat. Processed meat shall be avoided if you want to lose the accumulated belly fat and choose the unprocessed fresh meat for intake. Seafood in common is rich in omega-3 which is an excellent element which knocks out fat from belly, salmon and tuna are best seafood which has high protein and fibre content with almost no fat in them. Including lean meat and seafood with no fat is absolutely beneficial for reducing belly fat.

  1. MILK

The wholesome food, milk is rich in calcium and calcium helps to break down fat and prevents the formation of fat. Fat in belly is usually a hard one to burn off, but including these fat burning foods like the milk can effectively cut down the belly fat. Have the perfect quantity of milk daily in your diet for a balanced intake of calcium. The major beneficial factor of including milk in diet is that it also prevents formation of fat.


Whole grains are a perfect high fibre content food which effectively keeps the stomach full for a long time and controls the belly fat by burning it to break down the high fibre content food. Wholegrain meals like oats, wholegrain rice, wheat are essentials for one who wants to reduce the extra fat in the belly which is covering up the abs include whole grains in your diet for getting the abs that you always wanted to have.


The superstar fruit which has everything in it, a rich source of vitamin C and nutrients along with large amount of dietary fibre helps to maintain a healthy belly by using up the belly fat to break down apples and keep the stomach away from hunger. Include apples in your diet daiy for optimal reduction of fat from the belly and to have a healthy body as the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.


Tomatoes are rich in water content and have around 30 calories of energy in them. This will make your stomach feel full and the rich content of nutrients adds to a healthier body. Tomatoes are inevitable fruits which help in getting a flat belly if you include them properly in your diet.

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